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About us

Why we started, what we are doing, and where we are going!

When it all began

Our First Cat - Peter

We got our cat Peter on a whim. We had discussed getting a cat but always put it off till a later time. We both agree, getting Peter was one of the best decisions we ever made. And so started our adventure into ever expanding pet ownership. We now have 5 indoor cats, 4-5 outdoors cats (“adopted” strays) and rats. Thats when we decided to take this leap. We quickly saw a need that wasn’t being filled. Bigger companies are out of touch, don’t carry enough small business items, and forgot how to properly treat workers. 

A perfect fit for your needs

What about small animals?

When we tried to deck out our rat cages and get them treats to spoil them, we realized that the industry was lacking in this area. Always enough cat and dog items but never for small animals. As we keep growing, we will be putting an emphasis on expanding with more small animal products,. 

Going Forward

We’re just getting started

As we grow, we want to hear from you. The last thing we want is to grow out of touch with all of you! Is there something you think we should carry? Do you have any comments or concerns with your Poplar Pets experience? We want to hear about it and will do everything we can to remedy the situation!

How we operate

Our Core Principles

First and foremost, here at Poplar Pets, we are here to serve you and your pets. We will make sure you have the best experience possible at all times with us. We like to consider ourselves a progressive company. With that in mind, all employees are paid at least 50% above minimum wage, receive education assistance, and healthcare assistance. It is imperative that we value every human and recognize them for their worth. 

Helping animals in need

Working with non-profits

In our home city of Philadelphia, there are over 400,000 stray cats and that does not even include the shelter numbers. Now imagine that number with dogs, cats, and other animals in shelters and on the streets across the country. We have a problem on our hands. That is why we will donate 5% of all profits to non-profits in our home city and across the country that make it their mission to help those animals who need it. 

We are not a big company. Just two people, trying to help one animal at a time.


Austin Shission

The Tech Geek

Iyanna Rosado

The Fun and Creative One