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Great Pet Snake Options

There are definitely tons of species out there that make brilliant pets. Here is a list of some of our favorite snakes either for his or her appearance, temperament or easy care.

1. Royal Pythons

Royal Pythons are a huge a part of the snake world and are widely available. They’re an excellent starter snake for keepers that might prefer an important bodied snake. These snakes generally have an excellent temperament and are fairly easy to worry for. Though they will occasionally be finicky with their food, keeping them within the correct setup usually prevents this. Royal pythons are available a variety of color and pattern morphs meaning there’s a pattern color combo to suit all tastes.

2. Corn Snakes

Corn snakes also are big within the pet trade mainly thanks to their great temperament and curious nature. They’re the ultimate starter snake for anyone joining the hobby as they rarely miss a meal and are very easy to watch after. Corn snakes can grow to 6ft (usually not though) but always remain thin bodied making them an honest choice for people that aren’t as keen on the heavy bodied snakes. Over the years breeders have proven out many different color and pattern morphs from black to blood red and everything in between.

3. California Kingsnakes

Kingsnakes are an excellent choice for keepers who like their pets slightly feistier and make an excellent pet snake for those that have some experience. California Kingsnakes is the corn snake alternative for thrill seekers. They grow 5-6ft and stay fairly light bodied. With their amazing feeding response, you never need to worry about your snake not eating. Though they’re slightly more aggressive naturally once out of their enclosure they will be as tame as a corn snake and make brilliant pet snakes. Many kingsnakes will settle down the longer you’ve got them and may be even as tame as the other snake, they only cause you to work for it.

4. Boa Constrictors

Boas are amazing pet snakes; they grow to be quite sizable and fairly heavy bodied. They’re an excellent pet snake for somebody who wants a bigger snake. The biggest thing that stands out amongst boas are their intelligence and curiosity. Boas generally are simply more interactive pets than the common snake and really show their personality. Between this and their overall appearance with the heat pits and slender neck boas definitely look fearsome. These snakes are brilliant for any keeper that desires a rather different experience. When it involves breeding you do not ought to worry about incubation or taking care of fragile eggs as boas have live young!

5. Carpet Pythons

Carpet pythons are these lists first look into arboreal snake species, they have a tendency to be long and slender with a handsome looking face. Carpet pythons will spend quite lot of time up within the mid to top parts of their vivarium making them an excellent pet for display. Once they are younger, they will be quite snappy but as they get older, they will make great handling pets too. Many keepers combat carpets as a challenge and enjoy their initial temperament. Based on the species you get; the species you get they will range from 7-12ft or more and have variety of natural colors and patterns.

6. Green Tree Python

Green tree pythons are absolutely beautiful. They begin life as slender yellow snakes and spend the bulk of their day off of the bottom. Like tons of tree dwelling species, they need an ‘attitude problem’ and are an excellent challenge for keepers with some experience. As they grow green tree pythons change from a neon yellow color with speckles of brown to a vibrant green snake with speckles of blue or yellow. They’re truly breathtaking when grown and are the best display pet.

7. Western Hognose Snakes

Western Hognose snakes are most famous for his or her upturned nose used for burrowing within the wild, but they really have some very interesting aspects that you simply don’t see in other similar snakes. Not only are hognoses quite small compared to other snakes maxing out at 4-5ft they’re also rear fanged and spend a substantial amount of your time burrowing. they’re one among the foremost passive snakes and are impossible to bite anything that isn’t food however they’re also one among the most vocal. When feeling threatened these snakes brag and spread their neck sort of a cobra’s hood, they hiss quite loudly and imitate a defensive position. This is often all an entire bluff though. If they strike, they’re going to tend to not open their mouth and typically bounce off things. Their main defense is to run away and if that doesn’t work, they roll over and check out to play dead. they’re adorable

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